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2019 04-25
Silicone phone case application

In daily life, we often use the silicone phone cover, mainly because it has more USES.

The first paragraph USES your own words

2019 04-19
Is it normal to charge high cost for customized silicone bracelet?

Environment-friendly products are still advocated in 2019. After all, our environment still has many problems, and there are many types, categories and colors. Many people have different hobbies or colors to choose

2019 04-11
Q: how will the bracelet look different at night?

The silicone bracelet originated in the United States at the earliest, and is now gradually popular in the whole world. The silicone bracelet represents a belief and a vigilance to oneself. Many basketball stars like to wear the energy bracelet

2019 03-29
What is the processing method of silicone mobile phone cover?

Silicone mobile phone cover in fact in our life has been a lot of, and is basically holding the phone, are to buy such a silicone mobile phone cover, why, this silicone mobile phone cover is relatively long life, but also can protect the phone body, this

2019 03-29
Do you know what a silicone sleeve is?

In real life, this product is an indispensable thing for office workers and students. Students are used to install campus CARDS and office workers are used to install work CARDS. All of these need to be packaged with silicone card covers, which can not on

2019 03-29
Silica gel cup cover production after the material is recycled!

For many silica gel products manufacturers, their production of silica gel products will be more or less after the completion of some of the leftover material. If you throw it away, it's going to be more wasteful, because it's going to accumulate over t

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