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What is the processing method of silicone mobile phone cover?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-03-29 09:42:13【Big In the Small
Silicone mobile phone sets of actually appear in our life is a lot of, and basic is holding a mobile phone, is buying a silicone mobile phone sets, so why, this kind of silicone mobile phone sets of service life is long, also can protect the cell phone of the fuselage, it can be recognised by a lot of people, after all, mobile phones need to protect the fuselage that still can see come out, if there is no the silicone mobile phone sets, is very easy to broken, so we should make full, use have the following to protect their mobile phone outer layer. Mobile phone has become one of the most important tools for people, 98% of people are mobile phone, so the protection of the mobile phone is particularly important, the most common way to protect the mobile phone is to add a silicone cover

1. The preparation

2. The molding

3. The trimming

4. Add sulfur twice

5. Surface pattern making

The last step may be relatively simple, through the surface screen printing, oil injection, radium carving and other processes produced. Silicone mobile phone cover is made of silicone material, and the silicone material itself is translucent color, its state is like playing silly putty after hours, to make a colorful mobile phone cover, it must be added to the silicone material corresponding colorant, also known as the industry mother (color paste). Only when the pure addition of color masterbatch silica gel material can not meet the silicone mobile phone cover molding conditions, but also need to add bridging agent (vulcanization agent) and in the rubber mixing machine will color masterbatch and bridging agent mix and disperse evenly.  

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