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Q: how will the bracelet look different at night?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-04-11 16:45:48【Big In the Small
Silicone bracelet originating in the United States, now popular all over the world gradually, the silicone bracelet represents a belief, a wary of its own, a lot of basketball star likes to wear bracelet, bracelet is said to have such a magical effect, is to enhance the balance of human body, make the person is not very easy to fall, the real bracelet is with a chip inside.

1. The first is our carved silicone bracelet: if it is to be engraved on the mold and directly shaped, the manufacturer needs to open the mold when making the work. If it is a customer with a small order quantity, it is not recommended to use it. The manufacturer will separate from these lettering bracelets, which are generally divided into two types: "concave silicone bracelet" and "convex silicone bracelet".

2. The second printing of silicone bracelet: that is to say, these silicone bracelets that are free of mold opening fee generally require special size and mold opening. Many manufacturers think that this bracelet is divided into multi-color screen printing, monochrome screen printing, multi-color overprinter and so on.

3. The third one is the color-filled silicone bracelet: this bracelet is the bracelet that adds a color process on the basis of the first style. The overall effect is an obvious effect of LOGO, which is to strengthen the awareness of LOGO publicity.

4. The fourth segmented silicone bracelet: if these bracelets can be molded with different colored plastic materials in the same time period, then the segmented bracelet will be molded between each color segment, which will also make the bracelet more eye-catching.

5. The fifth one is the camouflage silicone bracelet: the bracelet is mixed with a lot of color glue in the process of rubber refining. Generally, it needs to be vulcanized in the mold.

6. The sixth luminous silicone bracelet: if it is to be mixed with phosphor powder when the bracelet is refined, it will be different from ordinary silicone bracelet when the work is completed. This kind of bracelet needs to see the effect picture at night, with red light, green light and blue light.

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