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What information does the customer need for a customized tablet case?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-04-23 11:42:25【Big In the Small
     We need to life need not just the tablet PC, and mobile phone sets, and bedding bag, and card sets and so on, these silicon set distribution in many shops, jewelry store to see more, and specifications with classification is not just a little bit above, different mobile phone or computer model, the silicon sleeve is different, if your apple computer, then choose the apple silica gel set, is also in order to better protect the outer layer of the computer, if computer outer don't protect good, is easy to break, or breaking, timely shell not be broken, some of the parts have some damage, So it makes sense to buy these tablet cases.
  On the original price is not high also, we can buy two more, with, you forget the take away at ordinary times, can use another silica gel sets, color classification, you can according to own hobby, or to choose their favorite color, if you really don't like the manufacturers of silica gel set, you can say with manufacturer to custom, custom, you will need to provide your own pictures, dimensions, specifications, and the logo pictures like these, or you want to be what kind of color, can be told manufacturer, however, the price will be higher, need artificial cost, and cost, however, The price is to become contrast, you also need not worry about manufacturer random collect fees, you can consult dongguan xu kai product limited company greatly.

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