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Why is the price of custom-made silicone bracelet higher than the selling price?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-04-14 14:16:27【Big In the Small
   Silica gel products a lot in our life, small make up, so to speak, many, very many, not just in the work, can be used in application at home, in the basic industries is can see the figure of them, such as the silica gel mouse pad that can be seen at work, or is the computer keyboard pad, if you are at home, will be more, silica gel cup mat, or silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, if is a novice to do cooking, is afraid of injury, hand can choose these silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, not very hot, the protection of the rival are good!
  If you want to see these silicone in daily life, it is this silicone bracelet. Wow! There are so many couples, so many young and old, so many young and old, who all like to pursue this style, always feel that two people must wear the same thing, which is to declare that I have female (male) friends and so on, that we are not single people, this design is very popular.
  Combined with silicone bracelet now price is not high, basic blocks can be bought in one hundred, however, if you are to customize, the price is not so low, because of custom materials, and design, and a text of the above design, the manufacturer will charge according to the work material, so factory side is reasonable price is a little higher, and customer special customized silicone bracelets if customer satisfaction, that the product is worth it!
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