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How is the production process of silicone products?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-04-28 14:30:04【Big In the Small
      Why we produce more and more silica gel cup mat, environmental protection, this product in a number of effects is more, after all our population each year and continues to increase, we are always want to drink, at work, or is always hand cup during work time, every day to discharge amount is very high, and maintain our body's moisture.
     People who have this kind of silica gel cup cushion are generally fond of it, and can guarantee the cleanliness of the bottom of the cup. The production of silica gel products is a complicated process and also a field with deep technical content. It can be divided into molded silica gel products, extruded silica gel products and liquid silica gel products from different processes. The three different processes produce products with very different operating environments and characteristics. The production of silica gel products, especially the production of some silica gel pads, the thickness should not exceed 1.0mm as far as possible, if you want to achieve less than 1.0mm, then the product quality and cost will increase a lot, so that will also increase a lot of intangible costs.
     In fact, there are many kinds of silicone pad, 99% of the silicone pad is produced by molding process. However, the molding process also has limitations, some too thin silicone pad on the top of the mold directly is unable to achieve, whether it is liquid vulcanization or solid vulcanization. This kind of too thin silicone pad is generally difficult to produce, usually, in accordance with the standards of the mold industry, the thickness of the silicone products below 1.0mm are not very smooth production. Since the self-stripping thread on the edge of the mold has reached 1.0mm, if the glue level in the middle is thinner than that on the edge, it cannot be achieved technically. But also do not exclude some silica gel products manufacturers do have their own unique production process, can do 0.5mm thickness, some can even do 0.3mm thickness, this sounds strange.

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