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Silica gel cup cover production after the material is recycled!

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-03-29 09:40:48【Big In the Small
For many silica gel products manufacturers, their production of silica gel products will be more or less after the completion of some of the leftover material. If the tail material is thrown away, it will be a waste, because through the accumulation of time, will accumulate a lot of tail material, in fact, the tail material can be recycled, some silica gel lid manufacturers in order to be able to control the cost, will recycle the tail material. But some manufacturers will be the end of the material as a wash mold or mold pad material, in fact, this is not a very good recycling, the following small make up for you to popularize how to recycle:

In general, we will first give these silica gel raw materials classification, there are sundries, there are adhesive paper, there are metal sundries of the end of the material should be separated, there are sundries can only do washing die or die pad, there are metal impurities of the end of the material to scrap processing. After the tail material is distinguished, the impurities will be separated, the remaining tail material is a good silica gel raw material, and then you can put all these tail materials in the mixing machine mixing uniform, and then we will adjust the hardness and color we want! For the silica gel lid manufacturers, the recycling of the tail material is very important, now in the formal silica gel products industry are depressed, only to control the production cost of enterprises.

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