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Do you know what a silicone sleeve is?

Editor:kefu Published time: 2019-03-29 09:41:47【Big In the Small
In real life, this product is an indispensable thing for office workers and students. Students are used to install campus CARDS and office workers are used to install work CARDS. These need to be packaged with silicone card covers, which can not only play a protective role, but also be convenient for us to carry.


But speaking of card to cover, in terms of early early ferrule as a market, the simple leather material such as plastic bags, now gradually began to get popular on various materials, reason is because it is over the years and will not be eliminated easily, and silicone card sets of different color drawings more to attract customers, so this kind of jewelry has a certain advantage naturally began to heat up, and the cost of silicone material card sets of production costs, is not expensive, time-consuming.

Silicone card sets belong to product of thinner so above the mould of the silicone products manufacturer chooses steel to withstand sharpen, generally need to use more than P20 steel mould to prevent mold core appear deformation phenomenon, because it belongs to the thin transparent color control in the aspect of color glue need to get some strict proportion, for processing card set of internal burrs on repairing the detail depends on the weight of the raw materials to get a certain control, especially the moulding line if the raw material is heavier, then possible defects in the products is large, for processing, Spray oil should be necessary, then do color printing or radium carving process needs a certain fixed control, because the card cover material soft internal suspension, so the glue process positioning is more important! For more information, please visit our website for consultation.

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